I wish I hadn't

Inherited your inherent inability

To let things go

I've been howling at abandonment

Since I learned that

Wolves can talk

And the moon hasn't treated

Me kindly since

The claws grip me

Strangle me

Wrestle me down into a helpless heap

the pretense of a monster

in the figure of a girl

Created out of the loneliest of nights

That the moon couldn't cradle

I learned to sleep in the paws of screams

Edging their deciduous incisors towards any

Glimpse of peaceful bliss

Tainting a mass of blood into

something less holy

Tree limbs scrounged around me

Engulfing me in twigs and leaves and dreams

That will never bloom when the sun

Finally reaches

How can I ever howl at the moon

When there wasn't a sun to begin with?