in geology we had to

determine a specific mineral

by its streak,

but even the prettiest

most vibrant hued

could leave the blackest stain

in its path.

they're the empty labyrinths

i hopelessly

sauntered into-

an original creation

as deadly as Daedalus’s.

in biology I learned

that when plants are


they emit a cry of pain

that is too high of a frequency

for the human ear to hear.

i heard the shrill frequencies

and came to rescue

to rescue

to rescue

but i-

nothing more

than a quick fix-

was never taught to read

their unharmonized lips

parched from begging

but him

he’s the epitome of a conscientious

landlord evicting the crusading tenants

residing inside my chest.

in history I learned

that the Eygyptian pyramids

had air shafts,

and it turns out they were

aligned with the constellations.

i'm glad i found the equivalent

of Thuban

to guide the adrift

back home.


he’s peppermint patties

and fingertips waltzing across

the mountains creeping

out of my skin.

in oceanology i learned

that the tidal waves

depend upon the gravitational pull

between the earth

the moon and

the sun.

in zoology i learned

that a hawksbill sea turtle


in the deep ocean,

filling the water with iridescent

shades of berries and seafoams.

the currents sigh

between every

push and pull and phosphorescence

where has this brilliance

been dwelling this whole time